Mix and Flow of Matter

Unit Overview:
The materials that we use—including natural and manufactured ones—often take the form of fluids. Students learn that such diverse substances as air, natural gas, water and oil are fluids. In further investigations, they discover that many common household materials are aqueous solutions or suspensions in which the main component is water. Students learn that the properties of individual fluids are important to their use, including such properties as density, buoyancy, viscosity and the fluid’s response to changes in temperature and pressure. The particle model of matter is introduced to help students make a conceptual link between the nature of matter and the specific behaviour of fluids.



  1. What are fluids?
  2. What are they made of and how do we use them?
  3. What properties of fluids are important to their use?

These notes are from EdQuest, a site for student information and resources for grade eight.  These are NOT my class notes, but they offer a great alternative with the same information.  To view the class notes, please visit the SECURED PAGE from the Science 8 menu at the top of this page.  You will need the password to view the secure page.

Section 1 – Many uses of fluids
Section 2 – Classifying substances, solubility and concentrations
Section 3 – Properties of fluids (buoyancy, viscosity, density)
Section 4 – Fluid technologies

Unit Review booklet



Section 1.1 – The Many Uses of Fluids      SCREENCAST     
Section 2.1 –  Classifying Matter: Pure Substances & Mixtures      SCREENCAST
Section 2.2 – Concentration and Solubility      SCREENCAST
Section 2.3 – Factors that Affect Solubility      SCREENCAST
Section 2.4 – The Particle Model of Matter     SCREENCAST
Section 3.1 – Viscosity      SCREENCAST
Section 3.2 – Density      SCREENCAST
Section 3.3 – Buoyancy     SCREENCAST
Section 3.4 – Compressibility      SCREENCAST
Section 3.5 – Fluid Pressure and Pascal’s Law      SCREENCAST


VIDEO: Buoyancy and the Titanic – Click to play
EVERYDAY SCIENCE: Pascal’s Law and Mentos Rockets – Click to play



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