Fresh and Saltwater Systems

Earth is sometimes described as the water planet: over two-thirds of Earth’s surface is covered by oceans and freshwater features. By exploring examples of aquatic systems, students come to appreciate the dynamic nature of these systems and learn about the interaction of landforms, sediments, water and climate. Students also investigate factors that affect the distribution and health of living things in aquatic environments and the supply and quality of water for human use.



  1. How do water, land and climate interact?
  2. What are the characteristics of freshwater and saltwater systems, and how do they affect living things, including humans?

These notes are from EdQuest, a site for student information and resources for grade eight.  These are NOT my class notes, but they offer a great alternative with the same information.  To view the class notes, please visit the SECURED PAGE from the Science 8 menu at the top of this page.  You will need the password to view the secure page.

Section 1 – Water distribution and water quality
Section 2 – Waves, tides, stream characteristics, erosion and deposition
Section 3 – Aquatic organisms and environments
Section 4 – Human impacts on water quality


Coming soon!


My Sea Star Glog
Census for Marine Life– Great site on marine organisms

  1. where do i find diversity in the booklet?

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