Cells and Systems

Living things take a variety of forms as reflected in their structures, internal processes and ways of responding to their environments. Finding pattern within this diversity has been a major challenge for the biological sciences and has led to the development of ideas, such as systems, cells, structures and functions—ideas developed from the study of all living things. Using these ideas, students learn to interpret life at a variety of levels, from individual cells to complex organisms. To develop their understanding, students investigate ways that components of a living system work together and, through these studies, learn that healthy organisms—including healthy humans—function as balanced systems within a life-supporting environment.



  1. How can we make sense of the vast diversity of living things?
  2. What do living things have in common—from the smallest to the largest—and what variations do we find in the structure and function of living things?

These notes are from EdQuest, a site for student information and resources for grade eight.  These are NOT my class notes, but they offer a great alternative with the same information.  To view the class notes, please visit the SECURED PAGE from the Science 8 menu at the top of this page.  You will need the password to view the secure page.

Section 1 – Characteristics of living things, structure and function
Section 2 – Microscopes, parts of a cell, unicellular / multicellular organisms
Section 3 – Human body systems
Section 4 – Human health and disease theory

Below are the audio podcasts and the screencasts for the topics in the unit.  Have a listen or grab some popcorn and watch the videos – hopefully they help with any questions you may have.

Section 1.1Characteristics of Living Things     SCREENCAST     Podcast
Section 1.2 – Structure and Function     SCREENCAST     Podcast
Section 2.2Parts of the Cell     SCREENCAST
Section 2.3 – Unicellular and multicellular orgsnisms     SCREENCAST     Podcast
Section 2.4 – Diffusion and Osmosis    SCREENCAST     Podcast
Section 2.5 – Specialized cells    SCREENCAST     
Section 3.1 – Digestive system     SCREENCAST     Podcast 
Section 3.2 – Respiratory system     SCREENCAST     Podcast
Section 3.3 – Circulatory system     SCREENCAST     Podcast 
Section 3.4 – Excretory system    SCREENCAST   
Section 3.5 – Nervous system    SCREENCAST     Podcast 


Parts of the Cell – class videos    8E video     8F video     8G video     8H video

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  2. ok thanks!

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