Science 8

Grade eight science is where is starts.  And ends, oddly.  Its about beginning your science education, and encouraging you to explore, examine, and experience the science world around you.

This year, science is all about introductions.  Introductions to chemistry, the human body, cells, simple physics and the importance of water in the ecosystem.  Your foundations for understanding high school science began last year, and continue full force this year.

The activities and labs that we will do this year include, but are not limited to:

  • Density exploration
  • Buoyancy exploration
  • Tie Dye with Sharpies
  • SCUBA and pressure
  • Microscope exploration
  • Parts of the cells activity and video
  • DNA extraction
  • Frog dissection
  • Lung capacity lab
  • Rube Goldberg machines
  • Mousetrap powered vehicles
  • Laser bouncing lab
  • Bending lasers lab
  • Sheep’s eye dissection
  • Optical illusion exploration
  • Water quality testing lab
  • Distillation exploration and lab
  • ” To Drink or Not to Drink” lab
  • … And more!
So lets get started!  Click on one of the pages from the grade eight menu to view a specific unit or topic.
  1. Please excuse my ignorance…which grade 8 menu for the unit pages are you referencing. I am trying to keep on top of my son’s science class. Is it in Blogroll?

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