Structures and Forces

Unit Overview:
Structures can be found in both natural and human-constructed environments, serving a variety of purposes and taking a wide range of forms. In learning about structures, students investigate the properties of materials used, and test them under different loads and forces. They examine different ways that structural components are configured, analyze forces involved, and investigate resulting effects on structural strength and stability. As part of their study, students also examine construction methods used in the past and the present, and learn how science and technology link together in developing safe and efficient designs that meet human needs.



  1. How do structures stand up under loads?
  2. What forces act on structures?
  3. What materials and design characteristics contribute to structural strength and stability?

These notes are from EdQuest, a site for student information and resources for grade seven.  These are NOT my class notes, but they offer a great alternative with the same information.  To view the class notes, please visit the SECURED PAGE from the Science 7 menu at the top of this page.  You will need the password to view the secure page.

Section 1 – Classifying structural form
Section 2 – Types of forces, structural components and structural failure
Section 3 – Materials and Joints
Section 4 – Evaluating Structures and Design


All pages are in PDF form, unless otherwise noted.

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