Science 7

Grade seven science is all about change.  Funny…. that’s really what grade SEVEN as a whole is all about, isn’t is? 🙂

Changes in plants, changes in ecosystems, heat & temperature, changes in structure affecting structural strength and lastly changes in the earth over time.  We observe many different changes through the units, some slow and some quickly.  The focus of the science curriculum is also to put an emphasis on science and its relationship to nature, technology and society and how these all interact and are inexorably (big word alert!) linked to science.Some of the great activities and labs that we will be doing in this class include, but are not limited to:

  • The Tomatosphere Project – growing tomato seeds from space!
  • Fiber Face-Off lab
  • Plant dissection (conditions depending)
  • Examining and calculating our ecological footprint
  • Survival in the Field exploration activity
  • Symbiosis
  • Keeping It Cool lab
  • The Great Energy debate
  • Egg Drop Challenge (x2!)
  • Geodesic domes
  • Columns, Beams and Arches exploration
  • Building replication project
  • Mighty Minerals lab
  • Edible earth models
  • Crayon rock cycle exploration
  • Frank Slide / Bellevue Mine trip
Lets get started!  Click on the pages in the drop down menu to visit the specific unit.

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