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Welcome to the Science Expo Help Page!

Here you will find the links and information for you to access, use and print at any point you need to.  Many of the links and printable pages come from the Science Buddies website, so please feel free to visit that site as well to gather information, help answer a question and anything else you may need.

SPECIAL NOTE:  Since the Expo approach is very well supported and researched, I have taken much of the information, worksheet ideas, planning guidelines and timeline from the Science Buddies website.  As such, I would like to thank them for all their hard work that they put into their website and materials and for sharing this information.  I have modified and adapted some of their content for the needs of our classes.





STAGE 1: Ask a Question Part I: Find a Project Topic Selection Wizard (from Science Buddies website) Answer a few survey questions to help guide and narrow your possible topic or focus.  Suggestions as to topics appear after the survey!
Project Ideas Page (from Science buddies website) Library that includes over 1000 science fair projects in over 30 different areas of science!  Check it out for more ideas.
Scientific Method Great flowchart and explanation from the Science Buddies website to help to guide your thinking during the entire process of the experiment
Finding the Right Question… Your Question Still stuck?  Having a hard time finding a question that you are excited about?? Try reading this page from Science Buddies to guide your thinking.
Part II:Complete project proposal form  Project proposal form Click on the link to print the form to complete and hand into your teacher, or get one from your teacher.
STAGE 2: Background Research Part I:Collect information Background Research Plan

Finding Information

These pages from Science Buddies will help to guide you in doing your research on your question.
Citing Your SourcesPRINTABLE PAGE


Use this page or form to help you properly cite your references.  You will need to have AT LEAST THREE for your research paper.
Part II:Complete the research plan worksheet Research Plan Worksheet:PRINT ONLY


Complete this page by printing it and filling it in, or by downloading an editable version, and hand in to your teacher.
STAGE 3: The Research Paper Part I:Use the checklist and research paper information page to complete your paper Writing the Research Paper: The Student Checklist and Guideline The purpose of the research paper is to provide information to help understand why the experiment turns out the way it does, to answer any background questions or confirm background knowledge that you might have.  Your paper should include the following criteria and information that is listed in the supporting document posted.
Part II:Write your research paper Writing a Research Paper Use this page from Science Buddies to help you to answer simple FAQ’s like what is a research paper, how do I organize the paper, and how does citing work.
STAGE 4: Hypothesis and Variables.....Materials and Procedures Part I:Create your Hypothesis Hypothesis Create your working hypothesis for your experiment.  Ensure that the hypothesis is related to the overall question that you have initially proposed.
Part II:Design or list  your variables Variables for Beginners


Use the sites listed, and your experience with working with variables, to create your variables for the experiment.
Part III:Complete the variables and hypothesis worksheet Hypothesis and Variables WorksheetPRINTABLE


To be completed and shown to your teacher before beginning the experiment.
Part IV:Create a list of materials Materials A detailed list of materials that will be used to conduct your experiment / investigation.  All materials used MUST be listed.
Part V:Design your procedure Experimental Procedure Detailed description in your procedure of all the steps necessary to carry out your experiment / investigation.  Check out the site linked in this section to get an idea of how to complete an experimental procedure.
STAGE 5: Conduct the Experiment / Investigation Part I:Conducting your experiment / investigation Conducting a Science Experiment There should be a MINIMUM of two weeks here to allow yourself time to do multiple runs of the experiment or investigation.  The MINIMUM N UMBER OF TRIALS FOR ANY EXPERIMENT IS THREE, meaning that any experiment or investigation you complete should be done three times to ensure accurate results.  IF you are working with plants, you should have THREE PLANTS for each variable tested.
STAGE 6: Collecting Data and Forming Conclusions.....Final Report Part I:Collect all data to analyze and graph Data Analysis & Graphs This is where your data is analyzed.  A summary of the data should be done in paragraph form, as well as AT LEAST ONE GRAPH to visually represent your data.
Part II: Create a Conclusion Conclusion This is an explanation of your entire experiment or investigation as it relates to your hypothesis.

  • What happened during your experiment / investigation?
  • Did you achieve the results you thought?
  • What went well?
  • What did not go well?
Part III:The Final Report Final Report

Final Report Checklist

Here is where you collect all your above written work in stage four, five and six and compile it together in one report.  It is not necessary to have a lengthy report.  Please ensure that you have all the parts that you need as per the checklist.
STAGE 7: The Display Board Part I:Complete your display board Creating your display board

“Everything You Need to Know About Display Board Fonts (But Were Afraid to Ask)”

Advanced Display Board Design Tips

Display board guidelines and tips

Create and assemble your display board.  Be as creative, innovative, artistic and scientific as you wish – the sky really is the limit here!


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