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Welcome back everyone!

To 7A and 7B students – welcome back!  I am very excited to be working with you this year and I am looking forward to learning and exploring with you.  Please use this page for online help, additional information and videos for your missed lessons.  And remember…



Patrick Hardison Receives “The Most Extensive Face Transplant Ever”

This is the link to my Emaze presentation


Spooky, the dead comet that gave Earth a “fright ” on Halloween

A dead comet zipped past the Earth on October 31st 2015. It has been nicknamed “Spooky” because it passed earth on Halloween.


STUDENT GUEST POST: Kangaroo’s Produce Methane

Kangaroos produce methane because of their tract system.  Here is my PowerPoint that I did for science.  It is all about kangaroo and cow farts.

Kangaroo Farts may not be so Eco Friendly

STUDENT GUEST POST: Animals return to Chernobyl after 30 years

Science the news Science in the news

This is my science in the news project about the animals returning to Chernobyl.

STUDENT GUEST POST: Giant Mysterious Body of Water Found Under China Desert

Here is a power point about an ocean found under a Chinese desert and its effect on the environment.

science in the news power point

STUDENT GUEST POST: Babies, Solids and Allergies

Click on the title, Babies, solids and allergies, to read more about how allergies can impact babies based on when they first consume solid foods.

STUDENT GUEST POST: Flowing Water Discovered on Mars

Here is a video from Thomas, where he shares his news article about water on Mars, and shares his thoughts and ideas on what this means for science and space exploration – thanks Thomas!

STUDENT GUEST POST: The Tiniest Snail In The World

This is my project for science. It is about the tiniest snail in the world that was found in China’s Guangxi region by Barna Páll-Gergely András Hunyadi, Adrienne Jochum, and Takahiro Asami by sifting through soil samples and looking at whats left whith a microscope. This snail or snail shell could be a cure for a sickness or a cause for a sickness. The researchers have only found shells and will keep trying to find live specimen.the worlds tiniest snail

Supermoons and Water on Mars – What an Amazing Few Days!!

Good morning everyone!  WOW!! What an exciting last few days for science – especially in planetary bodies and exploration…

First, on Saturday, we were treated to a rare supermoon Lunar Eclipse.  We here in Lethbridge got to see it clearly and perfectly in the crisp, clean night skies above our city.  Some great photographs have emerged locally, as seen below, and internationally.  Also, check out the video on the supermoon event and its frequency.


Then yesterday, NASA announced that they have strong evidence that there are seasonal flows of water.  These flows were detected by one of NASA’s orbiters (the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter).  This suggests that there might possibly be life on Mars at this very moment!  Holy Martians Batman!!  This is news because there has been lots of evidence in previous explorations to show that Mars once was a watery planet, but that the water had long since left and disappeared leaving only icy patches behind.  For more information on this amazing find, check out the CBC News article here.  Google has even changed their banner image to commemorate the news announcement…