Meet CURIOSITY, NASA’s New MARS Rover… That Lands Today!!

NASA never stops to amaze me!  Here I was, thinking that the previous two rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, were the crown jewels of NASA’s Mars Rover “Team”.  Oh, how I was wrong.

If you haven’t heard, time to crawl out from under that rock…. today, after almost a year travelling in space, the newest Mars rover, Curiosity, is about to land (or has already, at the time of this post).  Here is an image of the newest rover – pretty cool eh?

Curiosity Rover

Unlike the previous rovers (which each had a collection of five science tools), Curiosity comes with a whopping TEN tools: four cameras, three spectrometers, a rock “grinder” and a bunch of magnets.  It also has a robotic arm to collect samples!  Wowzers!!

There is SO much on this new rover right now, so I thought I would share some pretty cool sites and videos today.

Here are some of the best sites that I have found at the moment:

NASA Jet Propulsion Lab: Mars Science Lab (great interactive!)

Meet Curiosity, NASA’s New $2.5 Billion Mars Rover


And two great videos also:


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