Titanic: 100 Years Later

Exactly 100 years ago today (actually, last night at 2:20 a.m.) the unsinkable Titanic disappeared beneath the waters of the North Atlantic.  The story of the doomed ship is infamous, and all these years later, we still seemed to be fascinated by this tragic moment in time.  And a century later, we have some of the best images, information and computer graphic illustrations to show us the wreck as it is today as well as how we think (to the best of our knowledge) the Titanic sank on that fateful night.

Here is the most up-to-date and current image of the bow of the ship.  It is from National Geographic and it is a mosaic of over 80 individual images pieced together to give us this ghostly scene of the watery grave.

Titanic's Bow


Here is a smattering of some of the best sites out there today on the Titanic.

The Best Sites For Learning About The Titanic | Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day….

Unseen Titanic – Interactive: The Crash Scene – Pictures, More From National Geographic Magazine.

Titanic: 100 Years — National Geographic Channel.

Passengers on the Titanic – A story map presented by Esri.


Lastly, here is an excerpt from the National Geographic special with James Cameron, titled Titanic: The Final Word, in which the sinking of the ship is brought into the 21st Century.


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