Hi all,
Mousetrap car info sheets were handed out today.  If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know sooner rather than later.  I don’t want any confusions before we start construction next week.  Race day is Dec. 14th, which is when the mousetrap cars are due.

Here is a couple of links with some ideas for your mousetrap car.  Hopefully they help anyone who may be having some difficulty generating some ideas.  Happy hunting!


Mr. T


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  2. Hey
    Me.Tyslau are we able to just cut out the supplies if we need to at home or bring a drill to school

  3. Hello Mr.Tyslau. 🙂 thanks for the sites, they help.
    I like your style


  4. Hey Cole,
    You can do any cutting at home you need. I will have tools at school in case you need further cutting or drilling.

    Mr. T

  5. Hey tyslau,

    can we use wheels from my brothers broken car?

    -Mojtaba xD

  6. Sure, Mr. Mojo… but be careful you arent using TOO many pre-built parts.

    Mr. T

  7. Alrighty, thanks

  8. Umm, you know the white sheet we were supposed to grab off your desk about the blueprints/mechanical advantage of the cars? Well, I kinda lost it. Or left it at school. Or gave it to Meaghan. But anyways, do you think you could put it up on Moodle? 🙂

  9. BTW, it's Tessa, I forgot to sign the comment… Oops.

  10. Hey Tessa – sure can! It should be there any mintue 🙂

    Mr. T

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